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Managing your investments can be complicated! It all starts with a deeper conversation where we aim to simplify your financial life and put you, your goals and doubts above all.

Chanakya, as we all know, has been one of the greatest Royal Philosopher of ancient age. The thought that dawns upon when one thinks of him is a balanced holistic approach to any situation at any given point in time.

Who we are

Our founding team has a perfect mix of complementary strengths

Vatsal Shah, Founder and CEO

A visionary and a dreamer, who aims to redefine the way Financial Products are sold or distributed. Armed with a 14 yrs experience in Capital Markets in Financial Advisory and Distribution, Technology Enthusiast, Managed AUM of Rs 600 crore and handled more than 1200 distributors. He has an ability to turn around and scale businesses from scratch. A sucker for perfection having a stay calm nature, come what may, he is determined to build the most advanced platform for Financial Professionals across domains. 

Tanmoy Kundu, Co-Founder and CTO

A go-getter by nature has handled more than 6 startups, which include 3 market place platforms. Having worked on multiple domains ranging from Food Tech, Edutech and Fintech, he constantly is upgrading the platform with latest technology, systems and processes. Involved with Gochanakya since its concept stage – he brings a 360 degree approach to developing the platform and also taking it to market.

Rikita Shah, Co-Founder

Being sharp and focused, and delivering solutions with speed, is what she brings to the Team. A financial advisor by profession, She has gained insights and expertise on principles of Financial prudence at a young age. Having co-authored a book on financial independence, she has developed a good knack of advising customers. She is handling Partnerships and Team building at GoChanakya.

Nayan Kediya, Co-Founder

Ideas need to be converted to Execution. Having a powerful business oriented mindset he is focused on rigorous processes and brings in the efficient decision making systems. His experience of handling relationships in Banking and running a capital market business makes him most suitable for scaling GoChanakya to make it a multi- dimensional financial services platform.

Kartik Parekh, Co-Founder

No company is even a company, without the right financial structure in place. Cash flows, business models and the right approach towards building a strong financial backbone is something that Kartik Brings to the table. He has a very rich experience as an ex-Banker and also has in-depth experience in dealing with investors. He has worked with Fintech and various other startups at their incubation and early stage and has a hands on experience at scaling new businesses.

Our Story

People often feel overwhelmed by their finances.
Where to start?
How to plan?
Where to invest?
How to protect their investment?
How to pass it down to future generations?

At GoChanakya, we strive to resolve these concerns.

Founded in 2021, we have worked to create a platform for all the leading financial experts who can be approached by the likes of us to identify, plan and achieve our financial goals.

This platform offers an innovative bouquet of services from the best of the experts which offers a personal and sophisticated approach, completely centered on your needs. There is an online chat engine which allows seamless communication and track record of all the discussion that happens.

With the creation of GoChanakya, we hope to create a population of well-informed individuals with a secured financial future.

Our Team

  • Tanmoy Kundu

    CTO & Co-Founder

  • Vatsal Shah


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